Some homes have a single bathtub while other homes have a bathtub in every bathroom. The kind of bathtub you have in your bathroom will determine the kind of experience you will have. Sometimes, people are quite careless regarding the bathtub they choose and end up having a nightmare instead of a relaxing experience.
Apart from soothing the muscles of your body, a tub is an indispensable part of your bathroom. You can even use it for cleaning your pets and large objects. It acts as a nice playground for your kids and if your bathtub is fitted with jets then it will act as a spa. These days bathtubs are included in the blueprint of a home and most people would have it installed or fitted in the initial stage of construction. Bathtubs are available in a variety of sizes that can range from 4½ ft to 6 ft and even more. But you need to remember that if you are installing a bathtub then it should not be bigger than the space you have in your bathroom. Hence you need to be cautious while buying it and always have your measurements at hand.

The Function of a bathtub

  • The primary function of a bathtub is to provide you with comfort. When you are selecting a bathtub for your home then you need to consider the comfort part of it. Most of the tubs available online or at home stores come in a variety of shapes and size. Hence you will have a lot to choose from. You need to first identify the use of the bath tub and then choose one. If you choose the surf bathtub then you will be rest assured that it will have all the gadgets that will provide you a relaxing massage as well as bath. Now if you are looking for comfort then you have to think a little beyond the ordinary. One more thing is that the size should be big enough to not only fit in your bathroom but also big enough to fit you in too. That is why there are two-people bathtubs available in the market so that you can spend a romantic evening with your wife.

The Ergonomics

  • Ergonomics matter a lot. So if you are slim or petite then you might feel extremely uncomfortable in a deep tub that is meant only for total submersion. In such a case, you should go for a shallow tub or an ergonomically designed bathtub with built-in handles or armrests and a support system for the back. If you are tall and large then you should go for the total submersion model. A standard bathtub will have a depth of 14" to 17" while European style bathtub will have a depth of 18" and a Greek or Japanese style tub will have a depth of 22" or even more. So if you are a tall person then the 22" should be perfect for you.

Bathtub Therapy

  • A bath tub is not just for having a bath; it can be used for water massage or therapy also. These days most people are victims of stress and this can make you feel quite tired. Soaking your body or immersing yourself in a bathtub with hot water will have several health benefits. It will lower your blood pressure, and reduce the load on your heart by simulating weightlessness. It will also relax the different muscles in your body and provide relief from body pain.

Bathtub Size

Type, Style, Shape and Material of Bathtub

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