Double Ovens vs. Single Ovens

By Empava Appliances
updated: July. 28, 2022
Double Ovens vs. Single Ovens

You may increase your capacity and flexibility to prepare the meals your family enjoys by using a double oven range or double wall oven. You can determine if a double oven range or double oven wall oven is the best option for you after reading this article.

What is a double oven?

A double oven features two distinct cooking trays, each of which has a range of settings including convection cooking, temperature, time, and others. While double oven ranges combine a stovetop with two ovens—often a smaller oven on top and a bigger oven below—double wall ovens typically have two equal-sized ovens.

What benefits do double ovens have over single ovens?

In comparison to single ovens, double ovens can increase your overall oven capacity and provide you greater freedom to make several dishes simultaneously that call for different settings. You can utilize the exact correct size oven to suit your cooking needs by heating just one of the oven chambers for smaller meals.

What are the pros and cons of a double oven setup?

Even though a double oven can give meal preparation more flexibility, it might not be the best solution for every family. When deciding between a double oven range, double wall oven, or a more conventional single oven range, take into account your cooking habits and available kitchen space. You can assess whether a double oven is worthwhile by considering the following benefits and drawbacks: 

Double oven advantages

Utilize several oven features at once.

  • Cooking two meals at various temperatures simultaneously.
  • Cook a variety of dishes using a variety of methods, such as toasting in the bottom oven and broiling in the top oven.
  • Using convection settings, roast meats in one compartment while broiling, toasting, and more in the other while baking bread in the first.
  • While dishes are being finished baking in the bottom oven, keep meals warm in the top oven.

A double oven with convection settings might give you the flexibility you require if you're trying to accomplish different cooking processes for several items at once. A third element and a fan are used in certain Empava® ovens, such as double oven and gas wall ovens, to provide True Convection, which uniformly distributes hot air over, under, and around food.

Double oven disadvantages


  • When installing double wall ovens in cabinets, some remodeling may be necessary.
  • However, standard range sizes of double oven ranges are available for an easy conversion.

Features and Setup

  • A storage drawer or separate broiler may be given up in double oven ranges in order to increase oven capacity. To determine whether you would miss this feature, learn more about broilers.
  • It may be a little trickier for certain people to open, close, or load dishes into the bottom oven of a double oven range because it is typically lower to the ground.


The cost of double ovens is often higher than that of single ovens for both double wall ovens and double oven ranges. A second oven might be worthwhile if you frequently prepare large dinners or recipes with various cooking requirements.

How can you use a double oven to its fullest potential?

Utilize a double oven's capacity to cook several items at once to the fullest. While a single oven may accommodate several dishes, it can occasionally be challenging to ensure that each recipe receives the right temperature, timing, and settings. 

With a double oven, you can cook a delicate custard for dessert in one compartment at a much lower temperature without convection while roasting meats at 450°F with the convection setting turned on to obtain that flawlessly browned finish.

When making many batches of the same recipe, such as enough cookies for a bake sale, a double oven is particularly helpful. It enables you to cycle through batches constantly by staggering the start and end times of each oven. Batches should be loaded and unloaded from each oven at the appropriate times without affecting the temperature in the opposite compartment.

Does a single oven area accommodate a double wall oven or double oven range?

Given that they come in normal range sizes, double oven ranges can fit in single oven range areas. This implies that switching to a double oven range is as simple as switching from a single oven type. But because they are typically twice as big and have quite different proportions, double wall ovens cannot fit in the same space as a single wall oven.

Can a turkey or other large objects fit in a double oven?

Most double ovens can accommodate a turkey that weighs between 15-20 pounds on average. You shouldn't worry about preparing Thanksgiving dinner in your double oven range or wall oven unless you have a prize-winning heavyweight champion on your hands.

Is a double oven generally worthwhile?

A double oven can help you manage if your family looks forward to dinners with all the sides and dessert. Keep completed dishes warm while you finish cooking the remainder of the dishes by juggling them between the various compartments. On nights when you're busy, a double oven range allows you to cook using just the smaller oven compartment. A double wall oven's added capacity makes it possible to prepare food for neighborhood and school events as well as holiday celebrations. Depending on your lifestyle, you can decide if a double oven is worthwhile.