How To Bake A Cake in Pizza Oven?

By Empava Appliances
updated: March. 04, 2022
How To Bake A Cake in Pizza Oven?

Perhaps you're a baker who has recently gained access to a pizza oven, or you own a backyard wood fire outdoor pizza oven and want to try baking a cake. You're undoubtedly wondering, "Can you bake cake in a pizza oven?" in either case. As a general rule, you CAN bake cake in a pizza oven, as long as the oven is able to maintain a temperature of around 350°F (180°C) for about a half hour.

Why Pizza Ovens Work for Baking Cake?

High-temperature outdoor pizza oven (gasare also designed. While this is true, pizza ovens can often maintain temperatures of around 350°F for at least half an hour. This is the ideal temperature for baking a cake, as well as the amount of time required.

Baking Cake in a Deck Oven, What Should You Pay Attention To?

In general, a deck oven can be used to bake cake. Make sure that both the top and bottom heating elements are set to roughly 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then bake the cake according to the directions on the package, and it should be alright.

Because deck-style pizza ovens are typically used at such high temperatures, some consumers complain that the pizza oven's deck (floor) burns their cakes. If this is the case, make sure your oven is set to roughly 350°F or 180°C.

If your cakes are still coming out with browned bottoms, consider using an inverted sheet pan. On the oven floor, turn a sheet pan upside down. Then, on top of the sheet pan, set your cake and bake it for the full time. Your cake will be less likely to burn on the bottom if you use a sheet pan to protect it from the oven floor.

Baking Cake in a Wood-fired Pizza Oven Cant Miss The Following Tips

Although wood-fired pizza ovens are typically used to bake pizza at a super-high temperature, they can also be used to bake cakes. As a general rule, you can bake cake in a wood-fired pizza oven as long as the temperature stays around 350°F.

Baking with Retained Heat in Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

If you have a wood-fired pizza oven at home or in your restaurant, you'll know that even after the fire has died down and the oven is no longer in use, the oven will remain hot for a long time. Retained heat is main character to accomplish pizza oven made cake. Some ovens maintain heat for a few hours, while others hold heat for several days, depending on what they're composed of. You can use this "retained heat" to bake goods like cakes in either case.

Simply place a platter of cake onto the oven bottom when the oven temperature dips to 350°F-450°F. The cake should be perfectly baked in around 30 minutes in the oven. If the bottoms of your cakes are being burned by your oven, you can set the cake on top of an inverted sheet pan in a wood-fired oven. That method will also work in these ovens!

Baking Cake in a Portable Pizza Oven

A portable pizza oven can be used to bake a cake. Portable pizza ovens work well for baking cakes because they can sustain temperatures around 350°F for long periods of time. However, depending on the oven model, you may need to be extra cautious in regulating the oven temperature to avoid the cake burning.

The disadvantage of this type of oven is that it loses heat much more quickly than larger ovens. As a result, you'll either need to keep a tiny flame burning inside the oven to keep the temperature around 350°F, or you'll need to start baking at a higher temperature and expect the oven to cool down over the baking process.

Baking Cakes in Gas-Fueled Pizza Ovens

For a gas-powered pizza oven, you can set the flame to low and heat the oven up to 350°F. Then, start baking your cake. Turn the flame off and on again as needed throughout the baking time to keep the temperature steady. Turning the flame up too high will put the cake in danger of burning on the outside – so keep it low.

Baking Cakes in Portable Pizza Ovens (with Wood/Charcoal)

I like to avoid using flame in a portable pizza oven that is powered by wood. Wood and charcoal flames tend to emit ash particles into the air, which fall to the cake. Dessert is not a good choice! So, I like to preheat the oven to its maximum temperature, which is roughly 950 degrees Fahrenheit. Then I step back and let the flames go out. I start baking my cake once the oven temperature has dropped to roughly 600°F. During the baking process, the oven temperature will gradually decrease, averaging around 350 degrees. The cake will be ready in about 30 minutes!

Cake may be baked in a pizza oven, as you can see. You can bake a cake in any heat source, whether it's a deck oven, a wood-fired oven, or a portable pizza oven. Other desserts that can be baked in a pizza oven are available here, if you would like to know more about it, you can follow my next blog.



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