How Far Does A Pizza Oven Need To Be From A House?

How Far Does A Pizza Oven Need To Be From A House?

June 21, 2023

It's not surprising that pizza oven popularity has increased in recent years. The pizza oven is a wonderful method to prepare a variety of delicious foods in the comfort of your own home and yard, but there are safety precautions to take with any cooking equipment. Having a pizza oven at home is a terrific way to wow your family and friends with your culinary prowess, but it's crucial to know how to use it properly and correctly to avoid any mishaps that can ruin your pleasure.

Health & Safety

Similar to a BBQ, there are a number of health and safety issues with a pizza oven. To keep you informed, we'll talk about a handful of these because they are all quite simple to defend against. Let's look at how you can always use a pizza oven safely as having one outside is a great addition to your yard.

Assembly and Placement

These are the initial steps to ensuring that you are using your pizza oven in the safest manner possible. Depending on the type you choose, learning how to assemble a pizza oven may appear difficult, so it's crucial to read and comprehend the assembly instructions that comes with it. Although the majority of our outdoor pizza ovens are already completed, some may need assembly and certain brick or clay pizza ovens may require drying before use. A pizza oven that has been shoddily put together poses a significant risk to future safety, particularly if its structure is flimsy.

Knowing where to place your pizza oven is the next step after it has been put together securely and safely. A position distant from flammable objects like washing lines and children's toys is what you should pick. Additionally, you should make sure that the oven's entrance is facing away from your home and that it is no closer than 10 feet from the front door. To minimize smoke inhalation for anyone close, make sure your pizza oven has enough ventilation; avoid placing the oven beneath a gazebo or other covering and allow the smoke to dissipate. After cooking, you can cover your oven to protect it from the elements, but while you're cooking, make sure the smoke can escape freely.

Avoid Fire Danger

If you're looking for a pizza oven for your patio or for usage at home, this is a crucial point to keep in mind. You should keep an eye on the heat and regulate the temperature inside a wood-fired oven. Continue adding wood to an already-sufficient fire to avoid overfeeding the flames and raising the oven's temperature above what is necessary, which will damage your meal and increase the amount of smoke it produces. Learn how to safely start a fire in your pizza oven by using our how to light a wood fired pizza oven guide. The air is kept moving, and the flames are managed using a precise technique.

There are a few things to avoid doing while lighting your oven: try to avoid using paper as this will produce an ash and you run the danger of burning your fingers. Never ignite a fire with huge bits of kindling, and never use an accelerant like paraffin or gasoline since they might make the flame out of control and grow much larger than you had anticipated.

As a general rule, use hardwood or wood chips when cooking. We offer a guide on how to properly light your pizza oven. You might be tempted to reposition the kindling or your food once the fire is blazing and the food is cooking in order to improve the cook. Use long-handed utensils if you believe you must do this to prevent burning your hands or igniting clothing.

Safety Tips For Using Gas Pizza Oven

It's crucial that you know how to handle and store your bottle securely both before and after usage if you have a gas pizza oven. Make sure your gas bottle is upright and connected to the hose securely before using it. The bottle should be kept as hidden as you can, ideally in a safe place like a storage space near to your pizza oven. During cooking, be sure to regularly check on your bottle to make sure it's secure. Once you've finished using the bottle, you must store it upright, in a secure location, away from any potential heat or ignite sources. Keep your bottles outside, away from any habitations.

Do not be alarmed if a crack develops in your pizza oven; this is possible to be normal. It is advised to hire a professional to inspect your oven and make any necessary repairs if you think the crack has compromised its structural integrity. If a pizza oven is safe to operate, it is also safe to cook your food in because of the constant, high temperatures to which they are subjected.

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Food Safety: Knowing What Can Be Cooked And What Can't

As vital as the general health and safety issues mentioned above are, ensuring food safety is as crucial. You must be careful to understand how to properly clean your pizza oven because it is very usual to use an oven to cook a variety of different meats. When cooking raw meat, you must make sure the pizza stone is fully cleaned once the cooking is done and the oven has cooled. To prevent putting raw meat directly on the pizza stone, you can either cook it on a tray or in a rotisserie.

If using a pizza oven for the first time, you might not be familiar with how properly cooked meat should appear. If this is the case, you should check the temperature of your dish and the pizza oven before serving; don't be hesitant to cut into the meat to ensure that it is unquestionably cooked. Depending on what you're cooking, the temperature of your pizza oven should vary; if you're unsure, do some study before cooking to be safe.  It's one of the benefits of using a pizza oven over a standard oven, but always make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly throughout. If the temperature is too high or the oven isn't given enough time to heat up correctly, you might not get the results you want.

It is better to wait until the fire is out and the oven has cooled down before cleaning up any spills or messes that the food you are cooking makes during cooking. If you believe it is necessary to clean up the spill while cooking, use a long-handed tool and make an effort to avoid using any combustible ingredients.

Finally, it's crucial to avoid food contamination if your pizza oven has an aperture that isn't covered during cooking. If there is a light breeze, setting your oven close to recently cut grass, close to animals that shed their fur, etc., can result in contamination. If this is the design, try to maintain the opening as secure as you can without covering it to keep your meat as safe as you can.

With the knowledge provided above, using your pizza oven will be safe for you, but if there is anything about which you are unsure, make sure you complete your study before cooking. More than anything else, make sure to read the handbook for your particular model to learn how to clean, maintain, and how hot to set your pizza oven. All that's left to do after learning all of this is to savor the delectable food you've prepared.

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