Kitchen Appliance Trends: What Future Appliances Look Like?

By Cora Wen
updated: May. 29, 2023
Kitchen Appliance Trends

As technology advances, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom manufacturers around are continuously working to introduce cutting-edge, environmentally friendly items that will make our daily lives easier and better. As time goes on, it's safe to say we're progressively embracing that smart life, whether it be a new washing machine that can be remotely operated from your phone or a fridge that can keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

I have to confess that the newest appliance releases are quite cool. In the past, I might have rolled my eyes at kitchen appliances that can be controlled via my phone or asked, "What's the point?" about an appliance that I can tell to turn on rather than pressing the button. The nicest part is that they've moved past gimmicks and are now quite helpful.

Here are the most recent ones I've noticed: Intelligent Kitchen Appliances. Smart connection is one of the most common appliance developments I've seen.

Do you enjoy technology? The award-winning hOn Smart Home app from Haier Europe is now available in the UK, so make sure you sit down for good news! The app was created to offer a digital platform for you to use with your phone or the voice assistants from Amazon Alexa and Google Home to remotely control, monitor, manage, and get the most out of all your kitchen appliances from Haier Europe's brands. hOn delivers a multi-control through touch, voice, and smart speakers and can couple to a product in less than a minute thanks to the most recent technology, AI, and powerful sensors.

The app also has downloadable programs, several recipes, expert advice, and a chatbot feature. hOn will first debut on Hoover's new H-Wash line in the UK before expanding to other goods.

Additionally, the app features a chatbot feature, several recipes, top advice, and downloadable programs. The new Hoover H-Wash collection will serve as its initial launch platform in the UK, after which hOn will expand to other goods.

The program will feature:

Hoover's "Scan to Care" program allows users to take pictures of washing labels and save them in a digital closet so they can be thrown away.  

'Snap & Wash' from Candy recommends a program based on a picture of the load in front of the washer.

The Haier product "Optical Washing" offers suggestions and direction on what, how, and where things should be placed in a washer based on a picture of the laundry basket.

Smartphone Laundry

Can I wash my clothing by pressing a button? Please, yes! The latest smartphone-connected washing machine, Nova, was showcased by Italian manufacturer Candy at IFA Berlin 2020. The washing machine may connect to an app simply by pushing the "on" button and turning on the remote control, so get ready to control the washing machine hands-free. Over 500 washing-related tips and tricks are available on Nova, including how to pick the best detergent and how to remove stains. The company also offers over 60 different washing cycles.

Goodbye to ironing

Ever pondered the day when we could put our clothes in the closet and have them appear in perfect shape when we needed them? I guess you could say I've seen the future because LG recently introduced the Styler, a steam closet that can quickly dry delicates as well as clothing and bedding. Additionally, the TrueSteam technology eliminates over 99.9% of the germs and bacteria present in clothing, and the LG ThingQ app lets you operate it remotely. Yes, dreams do come true.

Kitchen appliances that enable us to prepare food and host guests with ease

Did you become a baker or cook after the lockdown? You can now cook like a master in the comfort of your own home thanks to premium kitchen brands.

Automatic cooking

For instance, Smeg's classy Hobd4 range, a one-piece hood and hob combination, is available to simplify and speed up cooking. To maximize the cooking surface, the new model incorporates four single cooking zones that can be changed into two substantial multi-zones.

The master of wine etiquette

A wine cooler is essential equipment if you enjoy hosting parties. In order to preserve the quality of your wine, Haier has presented its first Mono Zone and Double Zone connected wine cellars. These cellars contain a humidity management system, vibration protection, and an anti-UV door. The hOn Smart Home app lets you manage many operations thanks to the most recent technologies.  It's music to my ears to think about scanning labels to keep the cellar tidy, made possible by the cooperation with Vivino, receiving customized food pairing recommendations based on your preferences, and managing the temperature all from your phone.

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Adaptable Kitchen

With an oven and a Combi-hob, Samsung's newest Infinite Cooking range is ready to finish off the center of your home. The oven can be divided into two distinct cooking areas. The new collection's streamlined shape makes it ideal for producing a modern appearance. Talk about convenience: the Infinite Cooking oven allows you to pick from eight distinct cooking modes with just one appliance by providing Steam Assist, Full Steam, and a convection oven options.

LG's new WashTower, a washer and dryer rolled into one useful kitchen appliance, allows you to maximize your space while doing your laundry. It includes steam technology for optimal hygiene, which kills 99.9% of common bacteria, as well as LG's TurboWash 360° and Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive technologies for cleaner clothes.

Laundry Saviors

LG's new WashTower, a washer and dryer rolled into one useful kitchen appliance, allows you to maximize your space while doing your laundry. It includes steam technology for optimal hygiene, which kills 99.9% of common bacteria, as well as LG's TurboWash 360° and Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive technologies for cleaner clothes.

Clever and Speedy

With the new Artisan K400 Blender from KitchenAid, you can quickly produce anything you want, from a quick smoothie to a creamy soup or an evening drink. It has a strong 1.5 peak HP engine. Additionally, to produce the ideal texture and flavor, the adaptive motor and Intelli-speed Control recognize ingredients and maintain the right speed.

Kitchen appliances that improve the wellness of our home

The creation of a healthy and clean atmosphere at home has risen to the top of the priority list since we are all battling allergies or pollution.

Cleaner air

Hoover announced H-ABITAT, the first Home Wellbeing Ecosystem for healthier home living which includes three connected appliances. The H-SCANNER monitors the air quality to automatically activate alerts in case of high levels of dust, pollen, and allergens. The H-PURIFIER 700 works to purify the air for a healthier home and the H-GO 700 EXTRA will automatically start cleaning.

Kitchen Appliances that are good for the planet

When choosing kitchen appliances, having the sustainability factor in mind has become the norm.

Lower energy consumption

The new Hoover Collection 3 smart hobs are ideal, as they have a power management function that allows you control and set energy consumption.

Prolong The Freshness Of The Food

With Beko's innovative HarvestFresh cooling technology, you may reduce the amount of waste you produce because it preserves vitamins in fruits and vegetables for up to five days after you buy them by simulating natural sunshine. The cutting-edge lighting system emits blue light to simulate dawn and the first light of the day, then two hours of green light to represent midday, followed by another six hours of red light to represent the subdued tones of night. The drawers then dim for 12 hours, simulating night.

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