The Reason Why You Need A Pizza Oven

By Empava Appliances
updated: July. 14, 2022
The Reason Why You Need A Pizza Oven

A barbeque in the backyard is unmatched. For outdoor entertaining, grills and smokers are necessary, but if you want to think outside the (pizza) box, think about include a pizza oven in your patio cooking arsenal!

When considering which type and brand of pizza oven to purchase, but are unsure where to begin? To help you choose the finest outdoor pizza oven for you and your family, continue reading to learn the advantages of cooking with a pizza oven over a standard oven, the many varieties of pizza ovens, and everything else you need to know.

How You Will Benefit From Cooking With A Pizza Oven?

Ultra-High Temperature + Fast Cook Times

Unlike a typical household oven or a pizza stone on the grill, pizza ovens offer extremely high, stable temperatures to make the perfect pizza in a shorter amount of time. That implies that your dough will immediately get crisp while remaining pleasantly chewy inside (without becoming soggy). High heat used briefly will also help your toppings by uniformly cooking and tenderizing them without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. Even cheese will melt without burning soon.So you know having a pizza oven to cook pizza is way more convenient than using an oven, and just come out with much more delicious and authentic pizza.

Pizza is often best cooked between 788°F and 852°F, but a kitchen oven's average maximum temperature is little under 600°F. All Empava pizza ovens can consistently reach temperatures of 900°F, unlike traditional brick pizza ovens that store heat differently and can be a little problematic. Dinner can be prepared in as little as 60 seconds if your pizza is placed straight on the baking stone.

Boost Pizza Flavor To A Higher Level

Outdoor pizza ovens give a true Neapolitan-style flavor and texture that simply isn't possible with a home oven or grill due of this high heat and rapid cook time. Think of the crust as having burnt, springy bubbles, precisely melted cheese for cheese pulls that are worthy of photos, and a crispy, robust bottom to hold the weight of your toppings.

Your cuisine will benefit from the wood you chose to burn in a wood-fired oven. You have complete control over the freshness and quality of the ingredients you use when you cook with a pizza oven at home.


In your outdoor pizza oven, you can make a ton more than just pizza! Empava pizza ovens, in contrast to conventional brick pizza ovens, include various types of cooking into a single device. You can use your pizza oven for convection, conduction (stovetop-like), and radiant cooking by simply altering the temperature and adding a few basic kitchen items, such as a cast iron pan, metal cake pan, and tongs.

The culinary options for your Sunday Funday are endless: grill steak and fish, roast a turkey, bake cinnamon rolls or sourdough bread, and slow cook some BBQ ribs. The smoky flavor will improve your meal, and this versatility is particularly useful in the summer because it will save you from turning on the oven in a house that is already warm or from standing over a hot grill in the sweltering heat!

Safe and Cost-Effective

The space, fuel, and dedication needed for traditional pizza ovens are substantial. To operate successfully, wood-burning brick ovens require commitment to a constant, well-lit flame, and in the case of other brick types, it is up to you to place hot bricks in a totally enclosed space.

Additionally, conventional ovens may cost more, require more time to heat up, and take up more space both for the oven itself and for the storage of wood. If not kept up with, the bricks and stone used for the base and shell may need to be changed periodically, adding to the cost and posing a risk to safety. Electric components and heating elements require regular maintenance and replacement.

The entire line of pizza ovens from Empava is exclusively approved for use outside. Since the legs are insulated, very little radiant heat will get through them, but the remainder of the surface will still be warm. When the oven is entirely cool, which might take up to 90 minutes, do not touch the outside (depending on ambient temperatures). Cooking gloves are advised to assist protect your hands from the high heat, even while using a pizza peel or perforated pizza peel to rotate or remove your pizza from the oven.

Fun and Easy to Use!

With Empava, you may enjoy cooking with a pizza oven in your backyard and anywhere, whether at home, when camping, or at a barbecue. The best outdoor pizza ovens are those made by Empava since they are simple to use.

In particular, Empava pizza ovens offer a whole cooking experience. For a lively gathering, involve everyone in the preparation of the food. Alternatively, just let your friends and family relax and take in the unforgettable atmosphere that a pizza oven produces in addition to the mouthwatering fare. 

Wood vs Gas Pizza Ovens

Empava provides two types of pizza ovens for your convenience: wood-fired and gas-powered, in contrast to traditional brick pizza ovens, which are only wood-fired. You might detect a slight variation in flavor between the two, despite the fact that there is no performance difference. However, the type of cooking experience you want to have will entirely determine the fuel you use. Either way, the pizza you make will be better.

Cooking with Wood

You may replicate the faint smoky flavor of a classic pizza oven by using wood, more particularly wood pellets. Cooking can be a more enjoyable experience when the sounds and scents are present. Due to the short cooking time for pizza, the flavor difference will be minimal; but, if you use your Empava outdoor pizza oven for other sorts of foods and cooking techniques, you may detect it more.

You may achieve the genuine, subtly smoky flavor of a traditional pizza oven by cooking with wood or wood pellets. Additionally, the sounds and scents might enhance your whole cooking experience. Due to the short cooking time for pizza, there won't be much of a flavor change, but if you use your Empava oven for other sorts of food and cooking techniques, you might taste the difference more.

For individuals who are new to using a pizza oven or want an ultra-portable option, the Empava PG06 gas fueled pizza oven is a fantastic option. It is the most popular pizza oven and has space for up to a 24-inch pizza. It is powered by wood and wood pellets, which you may utilize to your advantage to improve the flavor of your meal. For instance, applewood pellets generate a lighter, fruitier flavor than cherry wood pellets, which have a stronger smoke flavor.

Cooking with Gas

Pizza and other foods that require a lower, steady temperature for a longer period of time can be prepared easily with gas. A dial on a gas-powered pizza oven controls the temperature, which doesn't need to be adjusted while it's cooking.

A excellent, portable option for making simple stone-baked pizzas is the Ooni Koda 12. As the smallest Koda oven, it can fit pizzas up to 12 inches in diameter. Although it has been certified for use with butane and LPG gas, it is intended to be fueled with propane gas, which is easily accessible at petrol stations, hardware stores, garden centers, and online. Butane will result in a somewhat sootier flame, although being identical. Natural gas is not compatible with this oven.

The Empava PG03 pizza oven is a wonderful, cost-effective option for easy stone-baked pizzas. The smaller of the Koda ovens, it can also accommodate pizzas up to 24-inches in size. It is designed to be fueled using propane gas, which are readily available at fuel stations, hardware stores, garden centers, and online, but has also been certified for use with butane or LPG gas. Although similar, butane will produce a somewhat sootier flame. This oven is not compatible with natural gas.


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