Top 5 Tips For Making Homemade Pizza

By Empava Appliances
updated: December. 13, 2021
homemade meat pizza

What is the proper temperature to cook homemade pizza?

 The rule of thumb is as hot as your oven will go!! You may want to know why, well actually, in a traditional wood-fired pizza oven, its temperature can reach 500 degrees Celcius(which is about 900 degrees Fahrenheit). Some people may not get a pizza oven at home, they only have a domestic oven. Most of the oven can get up to about 250 degrees Celcius( which is about 500 degrees Fahrenheit). Does that mean they can’t make homemade pizza? The answer is absolute “No”. As you adjust your oven to the highest temperature it can reach, it is also likely to yield a good result, to enjoy a delicious pizza that makes your mouth watering!

Since the temperature the oven can reach is not as high as the pizza oven, there are some tips and tricks that you can apply to make up for that.

If you have a fan-assisted oven, it is suggested to turn on it in an attempt to improve the airflow and increase the overall temperature inside the oven, also to achieve even cooking.

Do you need to preheat your oven before cooking your DIY pizza?

 -how to cook homemade pizza without a pizza stone

 Of course, you should preheat your oven before cooking pizza and it is the key point. What's more, it is also important to use additional tools to get your pizza a better taste. Add pizza stone inside when preheating your oven for about 30 minutes. Although pizza stone is not necessary this step significantly enhances the flavor and texture of your pizza. Because the pizza stones can hold the heat extremely well and transfer an immense amount of heat. Normally, they are thick and efficient, the temperature drops much more slowly and it allows your pizza to cook much more evenly and thoroughly, thus the pizza base or crust appears to be crispier. If you do not have a pizza stone, what can you use to replace them? Baking tray or turning a cast-iron skillet upside down to use its base. 


cast-iron skillet upside down baking tray


Also, do not forget to give a little olive oil over the top of the baking tray or cast-iron skillet.

How long should you cook your homemade pizza?

Usually, we cook the pizza for about 6 -10 minutes in a domestic oven. The lasting time may vary based on the following factors:

  • The maximum temperature your oven can reach
  • The thickness of your pizza
  • Whether your oven has an assisted fan or not
  • Whether you have a pizza stone or not
  • Where the pizza is placed in the oven (top, middle, or bottom)

Find the cooking zone that gets the most heat from your oven. Usually, the pizza cooks more at the back of the oven but your oven may be different.

If it is the first time for you to use your oven to make pizza, you should definitely stay beside the oven when cooking the pizza and use a timer and thermometer to record the process.

Start your timer as soon as the pizza goes in and open the door to check it after 4-5 minutes, at this time, the pizza should be mostly cooked, you can adjust your oven to 180 degrees to make sure it is cooked evenly. You can follow this to check if your oven goes the same. The actual result might have a little different depending on the factors listed above.

How do you know when your homemade pizza is cooked?

 2 ways to tell:

By the color of the crust

The crust will be a little browned and the cheese/toppings will be cooked

By the texture of the crust

The crust will be firm and crispy to the touch

 Of the two methods, I prefer the second one because if you judge by the color of the crust, the problem is that every oven will have different results. You cannot judge by that unless you know your oven very well. The simple way to tell is by feeling the crust. The cooked pizza crust should be very firm and crispy. Once the pizza is removed from the oven and it starts to cool, the crust will soften slightly so don’t worry about it being too crispy.

 It usually happens that people cook the pizza too much the first time. It will take some practice. It is not so easy to tell when the pizza is at the perfect status for serving your taste, but you get a feel for it the more you cook pizza.

 Remember to cool a little once it comes out so that the crust can soften, and so that you don’t get your mouth burnt!

 Should you buy a pizza oven to make homemade pizza?

 Although you can cook pizza with a domestic oven, I have to say that the pizza oven makes a huge difference. If you are very picky about the pizza taste and want to make pizza simply and pleasantly. Pizza oven should be your top 1 choice.

  1. High temperature makes the best pizza.

 Why high temperature is everything when it comes to making the best pizza.

  • It makes the pizza crispier and the interior softer and tender!
  • It improves the flavor of the dough.
  • The sauce will be cooked properly.
  • The cheese will be melted and evenly distributed
  • The toppings will be cooked through

Pizza can generate much more heat than a domestic oven as I mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Pizza oven fueled by wood fire would give the pizza a special smoky flavor(Like barbecue). If you want a different smoky flavor, you can add hardwood pellets, which have a variety of tastes). The crust is crispy yet soft, not to say that the dough has a depth of flavor and the toppings, the cheese is perfectly cooked. A traditional pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven is heaven!

 2, Cook pizza much more quickly and easily and in a pleasant process.

Pizza oven can rise to about 900F/500C at the highest. Because the oven is so incredibly hot, it cooks the pizza in extremely quick times. It only takes 60-90 seconds to cook a pizza for a properly fired oven. 

A pizza oven's thick walls provide so much mass and insulation that it stays hot for a long period. It is sufficient to add a log every 20 minutes to maintain the greatest temperatures. It retains enough heat to cook low-temperature foods for up to 24 hours.

If you ever use the domestic oven to make homemade pizza during summer, you will know that it is not a very good experience because cranking up the oven to 500 degrees for an hour uses the energy and generates the heat that can really drive you crazy, but having a pizza oven seems a perfect solution!

The article does not offer an absolute solution for making homemade pizza, but I hope I've got you on the right track and saved you a lot of time and effort in the long run.


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