Where To Place Your Wine Fridge?

By Empava Appliances
updated: June. 14, 2022
Where To Place Your Wine Fridge

You could put a brand-new, freestanding wine refrigerator in a thousand different spots around your house. As a result, determining where to store your cooler might be a difficult task. A good unit will give you more storage and display possibilities by combining cutting-edge technology with a beautiful design. Is it better to keep a few favorite bottles on hand in the dining room or store them alongside vintages in your cellar? Is it possible to store it in the garage with a few six packs or use another kitchen outlet?

There are some good and bad places in the house to put a wine fridge. We'll go over some of the finest – and worst - places to keep your new device in this article.

The Best Rooms To Put Your Wine Cooler In-Kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the most common location in the house for a wine refrigerator. Practically speaking, it makes sense. Your wine is within easy reach of you and your guests for matching, cooking, or simply enjoying on its own. A well-lit, well-stocked wine refrigerator is an attractive addition to any kitchen. Furthermore, because so many refrigerators are available in countertop-friendly sizes, finding a free space in the kitchen can be rather simple.

What you want to do with your wine refrigerators in terms of design is determined by your requirements. A front-venting built-in, under-counter refrigerator can look wonderful in any modern kitchen if your collection is still growing. If you have a larger collection, though, some upright, cellar-style refrigerators make excellent display pieces.

However, there are a few things to consider before installing a wine refrigerator in the kitchen! Two things to keep an eye on are space and clearance. To create place for your new refrigerator, you may need to remove one or two kitchen cabinets. Also, keep your unit away from any heat-producing appliances, such as dishwashers or ovens. Heat is the last thing your wine refrigerator requires! Another suggestion: allocate space between your kitchen area and the refrigerator to avoid traffic bottlenecks between wine connoisseurs and the chef.

Home Bar

Another wonderful, practical alternative for a wine cooler is a bar – especially if you entertain frequently. Keeping a small unit in or near your home bar is not only attractive, but it is also practical. When it's time to kick off the party, your wine will be perfectly chilled and readily available, ready to serve.

A good bar not only provides functionality to your home, but it can also look great. Your home bar may be the focal point of your party with a few prominently placed bottles and some attractive glassware. A sleek, modern wine refrigerator will look fantastic among the rest of your well-equipped bar, whether you go for a compact unit or something a little more show-stopping.

Consider how you entertain when considering a wine refrigerator for your home bar. Do you prefer to'serve yourself' or play bartender all night? For the purpose of convenience, you might want to move your unit a few feet away from your cocktail mixing/pouring location, depending on who's serving whom.

Dining Room

If you enjoy wine with your meals, you might want to consider installing a wine cooler in your dining room. You or your guests will be able to grab a bottle without having to get up and leave the room. Also, if wine pairings are something you're interested in, this might be the place for you. You can easily experiment with different accompaniments by keeping the unit in the same room as your dinner.

Fitting a fully upright wine cooler into a dining room may be difficult unless you have a particularly large dining room. We recommend immediately constructing into the wall to conserve space and create a seamless appearance. A credenza-style item can also look great in your area, especially when paired with a polished wood table or antique buffet. You won't want a loud hum behind you at the dinner table, so check for wine cellars that boast quietness as a feature.

The refrigerator door will require a lot of space to open and close while still allowing guests to move in and out of their chairs. It can be challenging, but with the perfect dining room, everything is possible!

Keep in mind that these aren't the only areas where you can keep your wine fridge. When we're asked for recommendations, though, these are the ones we recommend. We believe that the ideal wine refrigerator is as attractive as it is functional, therefore we never want to conceal it away.

There Are Places Where You Should Be Wise In Wine Cooler Installation

Outdoor Patio

A wine refrigerator is a common addition to an outdoor patio, which is also a favorite area to party. However, you should keep in mind that the temperature in an outside area might vary significantly, so keep that in mind while choosing your unit. There are lots of machines created expressly for outdoor usage that are commercially rated – if you're looking for a unit for your patio or porch, we recommend checking into one of these.

Alternatively, if you have an enclosed, air-conditioned patio, we recommend placing your wine cooler in a shady corner of the room.


While having cold drinks in the garage may appear to be a no-brainer, certain devices are better suited to this environment than others. Although the lack of natural light in a garage is a positive for your wine cooler, the stale air and susceptibility to variations in ambient temperature can cause issues with units that aren't meant to manage such extremes.

Empava wine coolers can handle the higher and lower ambient temperature ranges that most home garages experience, making them the best solution for wine storage here. Some wine cooler brand offer units that can function in colder environments down to 32 degrees.

If you live in a very hot area, you may choose wine cooler that  is rated to withstand temperatures of above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply put, there are plenty of garage-friendly units to choose from.

Instead of installing your wine refrigerator in the garage, you may put it in the basement. Basements provide a chilly, darkened environment with more climate control. A basement can be converted into a full-fledged wine cellar as your collection expands, if you're feeling ambitious.


There's nothing wrong with having a wine refrigerator in your bedroom, but this is just for light sleepers. When a wine refrigerator is not particularly loud, some individuals may find the gentle hum of one bothersome while sleeping. If this is the case, we recommend that you relocate your unit.

Heat and light, as a general rule, should be avoided at all costs. Both of these factors can stymie your collection and make your unit work far harder than it needs to. Make sure the unit has sufficient ventilation as well; you don't want it to be forced to reuse stale air.


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