Taste of Empava: Chef Rulis's Pepperoni Pizza

By lax xie
updated: April. 08, 2022
Taste of Empava: Chef Rulis's Pepperoni Pizza

Chef Rulis is the owner of Rulis' International Kitchen in El Paso, TX.  He likes to cook with an open fire in his restaurant and share some kitchen hacks that make family meals restaurant quality on his social media. His food is like magic that can generate a sense of happiness. 

No one can resist the lure of hot and crispy pepperoni pizza, which makes it a timeless hit. The salty, spicy, tangy flavor and reddish color makes pepperoni a perfect topping for pizza. It is our great honor to invite Rulis to experience how our outdoor pizza oven will perform in making the classic Pepperoni pizza.


It seems that it is an exciting and fantastic cooking journey for chef Rulis with our  Empava PG06 outdoor pizza oven. It cooks so fast even in such cold weather. What do you think of the pizza or pizza oven? You can leave your precious and honest comments below and mention how many stars you will rate it. Thank you so much for watching. 


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