Gas or Electric Range: Which Is Better?

By Empava Appliances
updated: April. 22, 2022
Gas or Electric Range: Which Is Better

The question of choosing a gas range vs. an electric range may be familiar to any house flipper or new homeowner who is designing their space from the ground up. Alternatively, you might be considering it for the first time if you're looking to upgrade your cooking station.

A gas range has a classic appearance, with cast-iron grates that appear sturdy enough to withstand heavy use while also being flexible enough to cook virtually any meal.

A glass-ceramic surface on an electric range emanates a modern, fashionable aspect.

However, there can only be one in your kitchen. Read our blog to find out whether a gas or electric range is better for your home.

Gas Ranges Overview

A major point of contention in the "gas vs. electric range" argument is the subject of "electric vs. gas range efficiency."

It's worth noting that gas ranges are often more expensive up front, with 5.3-cubic-foot oven ranges costing anything from $760 to $1,260. Electric ranges with comparable size, on the other hand, are frequently priced between $660 and $700.

However, because natural gas is often less expensive than electricity, gas stoves are less expensive to maintain. So, while maintaining a gas range for your culinary needs may be less expensive, cooking with this fuel option wastes more energy. When it comes to figures, roughly 74 percent of the energy produced by an electric range is transmitted to the food, but only 40% of the energy produced by gas models is used to heat your food.

In terms of money, which is more important to you: cost-effectiveness or cost savings? If it's the former, the electric range comes out on top. In terms of the latter, the gas range is unquestionably the best option.

Let's take a look at some other ways a gas range might help your family:

Pros of Gas Ranges

  • It immediately heats up.
  • Burners cool off more quickly.
  • Construction that is more durable
  • Maintenance costs may be lower.
  • Can be used in the event of a power outage

Cons of Gas Ranges

  • Low heat is more difficult to control.
  • Cleaning is more difficult.
  • There may be fewer amenities available.
  • Gas leaks and explosions are a possibility.

Electric Ranges Overview

We've covered the financial consequences of owning a gas range vs. owning an electric range, as well as how a gas range outperforms an electric range in terms of running costs, but what more is there?

The cost of installing an electric range vs. a gas range is around $160 for either fuel option. However, if you want to buy a gas range but don't have a gas line already installed, installation prices might skyrocket, costing anywhere from $360 to $660. As you may have guessed, deciding between one type of range and the other may come down to what you currently have in your home, especially if you're trying to save money. In this case, an electric range may be the most cost-effective solution for you.

If you're considering buying a new electric range, here are some extra things to think about:

Pros of Electric Ranges

  • Low heat is easier to control.
  • It's a lot easier to clean.
  • Installing it is less expensive.
  • More cooking options are usually available.

Electric Ranges Cons

  • Heats up more slowly.
  • Not as long-lasting
  • Maintenance costs may be higher.
  • Cannot be used if there is a power outage.

Our Top Picks: Gas Ranges

Now that we've covered some of the key differences between the two sorts of ranges, let's have a look at some popular offerings. Here are some of our favorite picks if you prefer a gas range over an electric range!

Best Overall Gas Range

Upgrade your kitchen and get the look of a built-in range—with the fit of a traditional freestanding range. The Empava 30 inch stainless steel freestanding gas range (GR03) is a front-control range that easily fits into 30-inch cutouts. Most importantly, of course, it comes with four flexible burners that are engineered to handle all your cooking needs, whether you need to boil pasta water fast or simmer delicate sauces.

And as the cherry on top, this Empava oven has a blue enamal made interior, which makes heating faster and more even. The blue interior is also a very unique style that can be a good ornament in your kitchen.

Best Value Gas Range

You don’t have to splurge on a new cooking appliance to upgrade your culinary prowess. With Empava 36 Inch Freestanding Gas Range 36GR01, you can get meals to the table faster than ever, thanks to its 18,000-BTU burner that boils water at a record speed.

Like our pick for “Best Overall,” this gas range also boasts both slide-in and freestanding appearance and installation, continuous grates, and a large-capacity oven and a storage drawer,—but at 65 percent of the cost.

Best Gas Range for Luxury

Empava 36 in. Pro-Style Slide-in gas range 36GR11 is a luxury and high-end cooking device. It ensures that the inside of the oven is heated to, and stays at, the optimum temperature for any entrée, side, or dessert by using even-heat true convection.

This lovely gas range oven has a massive 6 cubic foot capacity. And if you're the "host with the most," this gas range won't let you down, with a 6.0-cubic-foot capacity oven and 6-burner cooktop that's ideal for cooking many dishes at once.




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